This website is a collection of former ITACA (ITalian ACcelerometric Archive) datasets mantained only for historical and reference purposes.

Former releases

If you need to access old ITACA data you can refer to the archives below:

ITACA 2.0 (released February 2014) | ITACA 2.1 (released January 2016) | ITACA 2.2 (released June 2017) | ITACA 2.3 (released January 2018)
ITACA 3.0 (released March 2019) | ITACA 3.11 (released April 2020, updated January 2021) | ITACA 3.2 (released February 2022)

Latest release

Each ITACA version is periodically revised by specialists to detect errors and inconsistencies improving data and metadata quality.

If you need to use italian accelerometric data, it is strongly recommended to refer to the latest ITACA release which includes up to date information and provides an user friendly interface to query the database for data and metadata access