Progetto Itaca
version 2.0

ITACA (ITalian ACcelerometric Archive) version 2.0

ITACA 2.0 contains about 7500 processed three-component waveforms generated by about 1200 earthquakes with magnitude greater than 3.

Most of the data have been recorded by the Italian Strong-motion Network (RAN), operated by the Italian Civil Protection Department - Presidency of the Council of Ministers (DPC) and by the National Seismic Network, operated by Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV).

Processed time-series and response spectra and unprocessed time-series are available from the download pages, where the parameters of interest can be set and specific events, stations, waveforms and their metadata can be retrieved.

ITACA 2.0 has been compiled, under the coordination of INGV Milano, in the framework of the agreement between INGV and DPC and the EU Project EPOS.

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Permission to use, copy or reproduce parts of the Database is granted provided that ITACA is properly referenced as:
ITACA 2.0 (; Luzi et al., 2008; Pacor et al., 2011)

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